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but all my friends call me BIRD

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I truly believe that women are the greatest force for good in this world.

You are the foundation of the family.

You are the glue of society.

You are our children’s inspiration.

henry Lee
Meeting Sarah was like suddenly being hit by a dazzling shaft of sunlight. Warm, focused, cheering, positive. I’m a corporate animal – professional, cynical and probably shot through with unconscious bias. About my body and my mind I’m sure. Yet Sarah opened up my eyes, ears, body and soul into getting the best out of my physical capabilities and my mental mind-set. After just a few sessions with her I felt fitter, stronger, more physically fit and psychological acute. Sessions with her are now one of my best habits. She is a magnificent blend of physical training, medical knowledge, continual innovation and research and that’s just what the results-oriented, always-on, over-worked business woman needs today. So if you are working too hard, if you’re down in the dumps, if you feel invisible or hidden in the shadows, come out into the sunshine and work with Sarah!
Founder and MD of Talenttio B2B corporate development organisation - Henry Rose Lee
Birdonabike is a champion to high-flying women just like you who want to look and feel amazing everyday.

The key is to define what YOU want and how you WANT to feel everyday.

This is true HEALTH AND VITALITY....

Hey, you may know me as Sarah-Anne Lucas but all my friends and family call me Bird. I would love you to do the same.

I am an author, international speaker, businesswomen, Ironman and most importantly Mumma to the most 3 extraordinary little people. Well not so little anymore.

I live and breath what I do.
Supporting women to believe in the health of their lives.
Transitioning, NOT transforming… from their ‘Had Enough Moment’ to having an abundance of energy throughout their life.

Buddha said, “It is your duty, not your choice to put health into your life”.

“That sounds awesome Bird, but I have nothing left to give!”
“I hate my life, I love my partner and children but I loathe the person I become when I’m around them.”

I hear you.
I see you.
YOU matter to me…

I believe that health, vitality and having an abundance of energy come down to simple daily consistent behaviour.
In other words, what you do everyday makes a nuclear impact on how you look and feel.

As a woman you have so much power. But you don’t see it or feel it.
You are super-successful, high achieving woman. A lioness within the workplace commanding respect and authority, but on returning home becomes a hyena scrapping.

It is vital for you to love your body, to have fun with your life and take ownership of your choices.
I care deeply about you and the way you see yourself. It is a MUST you invest in your future.

It is my life long purpose to guide and support women to be their children’s inspiration.

BIRD’s Bio

I have a lifelong love affair with exercise. I began as a competitive gymnast. Moving into running then triathlons. Which is truly remarkable, as you would never catch me in a pool. I hated swimming.
I have been married and divorced twice. But I’m super excited, as apparently it is on-trend to get married three times.
I have the greatest of stories to share from my life. They are hilarious. Honestly, you wont believe what has happened.
Here’s the BUT… “He touched the but!!!”
(What movie is this from?)
I truly believe without these true blessings of life sent to me, I would not have a voice.

Having been a registered nurse, then leaving an adored career and master’s degree to care for my fractured family I founded
DahDah… And here we are…
How blessed am I to be able to wake up every morning loving the life I choose to live.

Kent women in business

Learn how to have an abundance of energy everyday…

For the woman who wants to love her body, but can’t.
For the woman who wants abundant energy, but feels constantly drained.
For the woman who wants to nourish herself, but doesn’t know how.