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You will feel like a fly on the wall, listening in to amazing people speak about their thoughts, beliefs, loves and losts. They will share their highs and lows of life, the wisdom they received and the strategies and rituals they implement in their everyday.

Every week there will be extraordinary guests, from global experts in leadership, motivation, public speaking, CEO’s, business owners, life and business coaches. From health entrepreneurs to the most amazing mums.

"Two Extremes.." Stephen Gillen and Kul Mahay

This weeks guests are Kul Mahay and Stephen Gillen.. who have come together to create the brand.. "Two Extremes...

Two very different experiences of the same arena...

Two extremes is a duel brand created by Stephen Gillen and Kul Mahay effect massive and progressive positive change with the aim to encourage communities and people to grow through cooperation and shared values.

Kul Mahay is a former Superintendent in Derbyshire Police with 32 years of service.
He now works with senior leaders and organisations on leadership development and emotional intelligence.
He is the founder of one of the fastest growing personal development movements in the UK.. IGNITE YOUR INNNER POTENTIAL.

Stephen Gillen's transformation began after being a former senior criminal who spent 17 years in a category A prison.
Stephen's life journey, work creations, media career and global coaching successes have received a high level of worldwide engagement and TV, radio and film interest.

He is a globally successful entrepreneur in the areas of business and life mastery, media/film, marketing & also sits on the board of other key companies; one being on the executive board of the global and innovative Uni Pharma.

You can connect directly with 'Two Extremes'.. via their own personal websites...

Herbalist Business Owner.. Jodie Foreman

This weeks guest Jodie Foreman... (Jodie Davey)..

Jodie initially gained a diploma in Reflexology in 1999, before going on to study Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster – gaining a BSc (Hons) in 2002. She benefited from working alongside two experienced and established Kent herbalists, Anita Ralph and Philip Evans, during her degree training. After graduation she joined their business, working at clinics in Canterbury, West Malling and Folkestone.

Five years later, she opened her own practice with fellow herbalist Hayley Jones and in 2009 they opened their own multi-disciplinary practice in Hythe high street – Foreman & Jones.

Jodie has been practising Herbal Medicine and Reflexology full time for over 18 years and is also a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (a professional organisation founded in 1864).

Jodie is also a mum to three lovely children aged 6, 3 and 10 months. life is pretty busy!

Her particular areas of interest include gynaecological complaints – Menstrual issues, Fertility issues and Pregnancy. Over the years she has also seen many patients suffering from stress related complaints, anxiety and mood imbalance.

You can connect direct with Jodie via her website..

Known Publishing.. Leila Green and Ali Dewji

This weeks guests are Leila Green and Ali Dewji founders of Known Publishing..

Brother and sister duo, Leila Green and Ali Dewji of Known Publishing have been working with authors to publish high-quality books since 2011. They help business owners and entrepreneurs harness the power of publishing to position themselves as experts, turn readers into clients and create opportunities for their businesses.

Like many siblings, they are chalk and cheese. Leila is the Oxford graduate bookworm that heads up the editorial side of things, coaching authors through the writing process and squeezing the very best book possible out of them. Ali, on the other hand, is the sales and marketing whizz. He makes sure these books perform as business tools, which deliver ROI and propel authors to celebrity-like positions of authority within their niches and beyond.

3 of Known Publishing's books have just been short-listed for Business Book of the Year Awards, including one by previous radio show guest, Antoinette Dale Henderson.

On todays show Ali and Leila are giving away a 30 minute Strategy session... This can be done virtually or go into their funky offices.

You can connect direct with Known Publishing... via their website..

HOTPOD YOGA..Folkestone and Dover Founder.. Ruth Preston

This weeks guest is Ruth Preston... founder and owner of Hotpod Yoga Folkestone & Dover.

She was born and brought up in Folkestone, but spent time away studying, travelling and working.

Having made a life changing move from London to India in 2010, she embarked on a career change away from the IT industry (which she had been in for 10 years) to focus on her passion for health and fitness.

She completed her yoga teacher training in 2012 and has been enjoying sharing her love for yoga with others ever since.

She opened her first Hotpod Yoga studio in Folkestone in May 2018, and then more recently added the second one in Dover, and is extremely happy to be bringing this experience to as many local people as she can, with classes which are challenging but light hearted, welcoming and fun.

On todays show RUTH... is giving you a FREE class...
Go onto the website... LINK BELOW

onto the single pass... put HOTBIRD in the Discount code space...

You can connect direct with Ruth via her FB page...

Nick Daynes.. Part 1 of Mortgage Finance Awareness

This weeks guest is Nick. Daynes..

Nick now heads up Prospect Tree Mortgages’ business development and marketing department. Prospect Tree Mortgages are mortgage brokers in Kent and currently support several estate agents, accountants, and IFA firms in the South East of England and beyond.

Nick has appeared on local Kent radio stations and a number of podcasts where he offers his insights into the mortgage and property sectors. Nick is keen to continue this whilst also working within client-focused events and mortgage surgeries to spread the importance of taking advice when undertaking a mortgage.

As a busy father to two energetic young sons Nick understands how difficult it can be fitting appointments around family and work commitments. Prospect Tree therefore are flexible when arranging appointments and are even able to carry out appointments over the phone.

Nick says “We aim to find the best mortgages and offer the finest advice to clients as part of a friendly, knowledgeable and personal service which extends from the first meeting to the day they walk through their new front door. Be it a mortgage, income protection or life cover, our recommendations are tailored around the clients’ specific needs and circumstances.”

Nick is always looking to connect with new businesses who are keen to offer their clients additional value by recommending ancillary services.

You can connect with Nick Daynes via their website

AnYes van Rhijn...The Reinvention Mentor

This weeks guest is AnYes van Rhijn….

Also known as The Reinvention Mentor, AnYes van Rhijn helps female entrepreneurs and business owners, who feel stuck in their life and business, create the business that will sustain the life they desire.

She holds their hand from clarifying the vision of what they want it to look like, to building the confidence and mindset to dare go after it, to creating a successful and fulfilling business that is aligned with who they are and what is important to them, and, last but not least, to implementing the systems, tools, work-life balance and self-care that are needed to make it sustainable.

She is also the owner of the Central London region of the Athena Network, UK’s leading female business network, where she currently runs 6 groups and will be launching 4 more groups in 2020.

Here's The 7 What's 1 Who this week....

1. What can’t you avoid?
2. What been your best partnership?
3. What moments are ordinary but are vital to you?
4. What magic have you created?
5. What NO have you got past?
6. What NO have you appreciated?
7. What are you feeling about this part of your life?
1. Who would you like to mentor you?

You can connect with AnYes via her website..

The Kings Summit Business Conference Founders..

This weeks guests are Simon Teague and Pastor King James, founders of The Kings Summit Business Conference

King James is the Senior Pastor of Favour House Church in Blean, Canterbury.

He is the co-founder of the Kings Summit business conference, he was instrumental in its conception, having received a vision from God about blessing Business Owners and Leaders Globally.

He sees helping people and working with entrepreneurs as a fundamental calling and Mission anointed by God.

He is an inspirational speaker who delivers practical insights with passion and great enthusiasm.

Simon is the director of New Level Results a National coaching organisation with a team of coaches who help executives, business owners and teams to achieve their hopes, dreams and aspirations. He has been a professional coach for over 12 years and he is one of the lead coaches for The Coxless Crew a six woman team who set 2 new world records rowing across the Pacific Ocean. He is also the lead coach for the Scale Up programme currently being delivered to over 50 SME's across Kent through Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.

He is the co-founder of the award winning coaching platform called The Curve and co-founder of The Kings Summit - an annual business conference run by Christian entrepreneurs to help everyone in business to learn proven principles to grow their business and achieve business and personal success.

Simon is a Trustee for Favour House Church and has been a Christian for just over 3 years. He is committed to projects through Favour House Church which support the homeless and the building of a school in Nigeria. He is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential and achieve impossible dreams.

You can connect with Simon Teague and Pastor King James.

Dr Sue Hornibrook.. Trustee for Porchlight

This weeks guest is Dr Sue Hornibrook.... Trustee, and Corporate Ambassador for Porchlight.

After leaving school with a handful of GCSE’s and before having a family, Sue worked in various administrative positions in different sectors including Marketing and new product development, Estate Agency, Food Transport and Distribution, NHS Mental Health, Council Planning, Building Society and Residential Care.
When Sue’s children were young, she worked part time – at one time, juggling three part time jobs, but felt frustrated with the career options open, so took the decision to return to education in her 40’s.


2004 Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, University of Kent

1998 – 2002 Doctorate (Phd) in Agricultural Economics, Imperial College Wye, University of London

1992 – 1997 BSc Business Studies (1st Class), Imperial College Wye, University of London

1990 – 1992 HNC Business Studies, Canterbury College

1965 – 1971 GCSE x 5 Canterbury Technical Girls School, Canterbury

Sue, has recently retired as a University Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Responsible Business, teaching and mentoring business students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Not comfortable with being retired… Sue is involved with charity governance, management and volunteering using her personal skills, attributes and knowledge to help people who are vulnerable, and need both practical and emotional support.

You can connect with Dr Sue Hornibrook via her email....

Andrew Priestley... Mastering Money Part 2

This weeks guest is Andrew Priestley...
8 Reasons Why You Should Chat With Andrew
You want results.
You want to work with a qualified, business and leadership coach.
You want to develop your skills and a natural style as leader.
You are an ambitious owner/manager running established 6, 7 and 8 figure business.
You don’t want to waste time. You’d like to identify you strengths and weaknesses … and relevant coaching targets.
You’d like to clarify strategic direction, get an uplift in business performance, streamline your operational efficiencies, build high-performing teams and develop your business communication style.
You want the coaching to challenge you. You want greater accountability.
You want the opportunity to discuss, reject important issues in a confidential setting.

This is PART 2 of a 12 PART series in building your knowledge and power in all things money, wealth and finance..

Each month you will build your relationship and trust with Andrew to take you to a level of empowerment and freedom with money..

You can connect with Andrew via his

Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce

This weeks guest is Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce..

You have met them twice before... Each time we meet you build an understanding of their incredible journey into global business...
They show and tell you how to start....

Stephen is a globally successful entrepreneur in the areas of business and life mastery, media/film, marketing & also sits on the board of other key companies; one being on the executive board of the global and innovative Uni Pharma – a pharmaceutical company working with revolutionary treatments in the open wound industry across Africa, USA and other territories.

Daphne, a highly and globally successful interior designer and branding expert, Daphne Diluce is multilingual and has built many successful businesses. She also has broad media experience having been Tom Jones’ PA for several years. She is a strong and endearing individual who will go the extra mile to achieve the highest standards throughout her accomplished career having worked internationally on projects in London, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Düsseldorf and California. Her outstanding work in design and creativity has been highlighted on TV, in newspapers, in trade magazines and voted to having one of the top ten shops in Düsseldorf.

You can connect with Stephen via his website....
You can connect with Daphne via her website......


Shane Record

This weeks guest is Shane Record..

Shane is a professional artist and has run his studio-gallery in The Old High Street, Folkestone since 2005.
He paints mainly in oils with a palette knife but switches to many other mediums. His work - much of it representing the atmosphere of Folkestone and the surrounding area - has helped change the perception of the town.
Such is the extent that he has become well known and loved that the Folkestone Museum organised and hosted a three month Retrospective exhibition of his work earlier this year.
Alongside his studio work, Shane visits dozens of schools doing large-scale painting demonstrations engaging hundreds of children with his work and also raises money for charity every year by auctioning some of these large-scale works.

You can connect with Shane via his website...
Facebook page..

#artist business #creative

Deborah Talalay

This weeks guest is Deborah Talalay,..... Theta Healer, Homeopath,
NLP Master Practitioner, Spiritual Healer and Creator of the Stamford Transformation Process

A leading London-based Theta healer, practicing until recently in Harley Street and currently in Chiswick, West London. Using Theta Healing, Homeopathy, NLP and as a Healer, successfully treating people of all ages and from all walks of life for a wide variety of physical and emotional illnesses.

Deborahs next project was to make her therapies and life changing solutions available to a wider community, and so The Stamford Transformation Process - was born. This is a unique series of self-help videos which have the healing process embedded in the video.

You can connect with Debbie via her website....

Diane McCann

This weeks guest is Di McCann.

As a parent of an adoptive child, Diane has experienced a roller coaster journey of emotions and challenges, having her fair share of ups and downs.

These experiences showed Diane the difficulties some children can face, especially when it comes to learning how to manage and understand their emotions.

Combined with seeing many adults whose lives have also been damaged at such a young age, struggling well into adulthood and beyond with their emotional and mental wellbeing!

All of this led Diane to specialising in the field of alignment working with Vibrational Sound Therapy. Helping adults to release past hurt and trauma. Who've experienced or suffered from depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Creating the unique Science Sound Mindfulness programmes for children and teenagers showing how to release emotions in a healthy way.

Diane’s passion and joy comes when sharing her experience’s… enabling individuals to master their 'Souls Gift'.

They become empowered to raise their frequency, and align to their own truth.
Helping to restore overall wellbeing and create a happy life.

Diane tells me..
“When all's said and done when you dig deep and get right down to it all anyone wants is to find peace! “…..

You can connect with Diane via her website....

Andrew Priestley

This weeks guest is Mr Andrew Priestley..
Andrew is a qualified, award-winning business leadership coach with extensive experience working with a diverse range of established SME and corporate clients worldwide.

In 2017, he was ranked in the Top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentors.

A snapshot of Andrew,,,,,

Award Winning– 7 Industry Awards and Endorsements.

Typical clients– owner/managing directors running established 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses

Diverse experience – Clients in UK, USA, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Canada and Europe in a diverse range of industries from SMEs to Corporate.

Qualified– Industrial and Organisational Psychology

Learning and Development– offers refreshingly challenging Business Leadership Training for groups

Relevant– Ambitious business owners running 6, 7 and 8 figure companies

Specialist– resolving C-Suite leadership issues

Global– With 20+ years working with leaders across 50+ industries in 11 countries

Bestselling– Andrew is a #1 ranked business author. Click here to view and purchase Andrew’s books – Starting and The Money Chimp.

Julie Wilson

In 2011 Julie Wilson’s world changed irrevocably. She had been running a successful interior design and building project company out of her showroom near Tonbridge for 18 years when she discovered her husband was having an extra marital relationship. After 27 years of being together Julie and her husband separated, her business ceased trading and Julie had to find a full time job. Initially the separation was amicable, even spending family time together at Christmas and birthday events. However, this soon turned acrimonious. The matrimonial home was in Julie’s name due to her husband having previously been made bankrupt. After a couple of years marketing the property she managed to sell the family home in excess of a million pounds and the couple agreed upon the financial split. Allowing Julie to purchase a small home for her and their 18 year old daughter. Her husband was currently living in a property in Sevenoaks owned by one of his companies. However, no sooner had the papers been signed when he arranged for the house proceeds to be held to court order and there it stayed for the next 2 and a half years. Solicitors were appointed and a legal battle ensued.

The law isn’t always clear and relying heavily on her solicitor for moral and emotional support Julie could see the her solicitors bill racking up at the rate of knots and at £275 per hour the sums were vast and this isn’t considering the impact the stress has on one’s health, well being and emotional state.

Julie’s divorce took 7 years, two court hearings, a solicitors and barristers bill of over £35,000, an extremely large loan from her brother for rental costs and three credit cards maxed out.

Julie miraculously survived.

Telling her story to friends and acquaintances she found out that her story was not an isolated one. In fact it was quite a shocking revelation as to how much divorces are costing.

In reality 42% of marriages end in divorce. The average cost of a divorce is £14,500. Who is the winner here…..

No one should have to go through this legal and costly uncertainty and it is about time our archaic Divorce laws are changed.

Julie decided to retrain as a divorce coach and now spends her time assisting men and women through their divorce. This can be supporting them emotionally, helping with the onerous paperwork including the Form E or even attending court for moral support should it come to that. She works tirelessly to ensure that divorce can be amicable and doesn’t need to be a hostile process. She will also arrange the divorce application together with the court orders as necessary thereby cutting out the solicitors altogether. She hastens to add that she does not give legal advice - that is what solicitors are for and will always refer for advice as and when necessary.

For more involved cases Julie works closely with collaborative solicitors for a quick and positive solution.

You can connect with Julie via her website...


This weeks guest is Rocksolid4Life.. Barry and Laura Ash are a husband and wife team with a mission to change the way we see the diet industry..
They help life long dieters who are sick and tired of the quick fix diet game and help them to understand their minds so they can control their bodies, leaving them happy and healthy so they can #just do the do…

We help them to get started and keep going through 2 means.

Laura is the master of the mind as she spent most of her police service focusing on investigations and intelligence.

Barry is the emotional energy expert.. spending over 10 years in the prison service helping prisoners change their energy and reform..

They have just finished their UK tour… It was to connect with their Rocksolid Freedom Fighters… To support them to understand their minds so they can control their bodies…

This is their return visit to the show.. See how they have changed the trajectory of their business.. 80% of the business is Online.. Virtual Training..

You can connect with Laura and Barry via their website...

Catherine Overton

This weeks guest is.... Catherine Overton....

Catherine Overton, Director and founder of Booker Wyatt Accounting Limited, comes from a banking background and found running her own business an attractive alternative to earning a living having taken a career break in the mid-2000’s to raise a family.

Starting out as a self-employed bookkeeper in 2011, Catherine has gone on to form Booker Wyatt Accounting Limited, which now employs a part-time admin person and works closely with two associates on an ad hoc basis who cover management and tax accounting.

Although Booker Wyatt is based in Kings Hill, with the rise in use of cloud-based accounting software, Catherine has found that geography is not so much of a consideration now when it comes to taking on new clients and for those clients who are looking to engage an accountant. She works with both sole traders and limited companies in a wide variety of industries across Kent and London, providing them with a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services, based on the individual needs of the client.

Services range from keeping the accounts up to date on a weekly, monthly or annual accounts, self-assessment tax returns, payroll, CIS, VAT and year end accounts preparation.

Booker Wyatt also offers training sessions in Quickbooks and Xero, for business owners who want to take care of the bookkeeping themselves, or just want to get the most out of their accounting software.

Building the foundations of business..... Understand and take responsibility... of knowing and understanding your numbers.
What do YOU need to know... that you don't know you need to know..

You can connect with Catherine Overton via her website...

Helen Leale-Green

This weeks guest is Helen Leale-Green..

Helen has worked for ten years with students from developing countries and founded Our Moon Education with the help of one of her former Zambian students, now Our Moon’s Executive Officer in Zambia.

She is passionate about opening doors for high achieving, low income Zambians to shape them into becoming young socially-conscious leaders who can contribute to positive social change within their communities, country and continent.

Helen has worked for ten years with students from developing countries and founded Our Moon Education with the help of one of her former Zambian students, now Our Moon’s Executive Officer in Zambia.

You can connect with Helen Leale-Green via her website...

Stephen Gillen & Daphne Diluce

This weeks guest is .... Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce

Stephen Gillen is a globally successful entrepreneur, Stephen Gillen is an award-winning international public speaker and film-maker. He is a successful author, director, and producer. His documentaries have been viewed in over 140 countries worldwide. There has been wide global media coverage on his work and life journey. On the 29th May 2019, Stephen had the great privilege of being nominated by the UK Peace Ambassador for the ‘Sunhak’ International peace prize and works closely on many innovative, global & humanitarian initiatives. One of these is on the board of UniPharma, a global pharmaceutical company which is the exclusive producer/distributor of a new revolutionary medical device, whom Stephen is also Ambassador, that is set to alleviate the suffering of and save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide in the open wound industry.

Daphne, a highly and globally successful interior designer and branding expert, Daphne Diluce is multilingual and has built many successful businesses. She also has broad media experience having been Tom Jones’ PA for several years. She is a strong and endearing individual who will go the extra mile to achieve the highest standards throughout her accomplished career having worked internationally on projects in London, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Düsseldorf and California. Her outstanding work in design and creativity has been highlighted on TV, in newspapers, in trade magazines and voted to having one of the top ten shops in Düsseldorf.

Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce... share how you get nominated for a peace prize...

How your past does not dictate your future....!!!!

You can connect with Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce via their website...

Emma Rourke

This weeks guest is .... Emma Rourke

Emma is a confidence coach and founder of Hephzibah Horses. An IFEEL(International Foundation of Equine experiential Learning), accredited facilitator in Equine Assisted Human Development, partnering with her amazing horses to help people develop self-confidence, emotional resilience, and connect with horses, nature and themselves.

Emma has had a varied and interesting career, firstly as a BHS riding instructor and competition event rider, a model, and baby ballet teacher, she has come full circle back to her first love horses and people.

You can connect with Emma Rourke via her website...

Kris Healey

This weeks guest is .... Kris Healey is the CEO of a fabulous local charity Spadework. Spadework is a registered charity based in Offham, just outside West Malling, in Kent….
Spadework provides care, support and meaningful opportunities to adults with learning and other disabilities.
Kris has now been Spadework’s CEO for the last two years, working with his expert team of staff and volunteers to deliver exciting and stimulating opportunities to their Trainees, which include growing vegetables and plants, as well as making jams, chutneys, woodwork and craft items. Trainees also take part in gardening activities out in the community, in addition to making log and veg box deliveries. All of the items are sold on site.
You can connect with Kris Healey via
Spadeworks website...

Monica Janssens

This weeks guest is .....Monica Janssens an author, tutor and historian who has enjoyed a diverse career path including the law, banking, the theatre, art, journalism, public relations and writing.

In the course of her career, Monica has given a number of talks, demonstrations and television appearances on Granada TV and Discovery TV. Radio appearances include Today and MidWeek on BBC Radio 4.

Monica is currently working on her first book Sex. Status and Sanctuary: 69 Beds and What They Say About You, an irreverent look into the quirky ways we have exploited our beds from earliest times to the present day. Watch this space!

You can connect with Monica Janssens via her website...

Destiny Chiropractic

This weeks guest is Destiny Krogsgaard describes herself as a modern day sha-woman. She is a vitalistic chiropractor and owner of Destiny Chiropractic in West Malling, Kent. She's moved away from the lonely, sterile, Westernised therapeutic pain management version of chiropractic into a fabulous, high energy, fun and safe open plan environment where through human connection, music and, of course, fabulous chiropractic adjustments, healing is super amplified.

Because Destiny is revisiting.... The Conversation today.. introduce's new concepts of health…

Why medicine will not be the pathway to health..?

Challenging your thoughts… create emotions .. to take immediate actions…

My favourite phrase of the moment… Now Go DO…

You can connect with Destiny and Kathy via the clinic's website...

Katie Redfern

This weeks guest is Katie Redfern,,, founder of Meaningful Recruitment and is a career adviser, recruitment consultant and professional coach.

She works with organisations such as UNICEF and Raleigh International that are making a positive social impact in our world and teaches her one to one clients how to unleash their potential in their work life.

Katie's described by many as the 'go to person' when you need inspiring, energising and direction in your career. She's also a podcast queen of 'Meaningful Podcasts' (found on SoundCloud) and interviews incredible pioneers who are leading the way on the hot topics of today.

SO listen to Katie's story and share it far and wide with your contacts and clients who might be feeling stuck in a rut in their work and wanting to make a positive contribution in our world.

You can connect with Katie via her website.....

Becky Simms

This weeks guest is Becky Simms has spent the last 10+ years working in digital marketing, starting Reflect Digital in 2011, which 8 years later has resulted in an award-winning team of 24 based in Kent.

Reflect Digital......A digital agency using a human approach to deliver tangible business impact.

Becky has previously been awarded Young Entrepreneur of the year at the KEIBA’s and was runner up Digital Leader in the Wirehive Awards. With a keen eye on tangible impact,

Becky leads her team to continually challenge the norm – pushing boundaries and always going over and above to deliver to a high standard.

You can connect with Becky via her website.....

Rebecca Robertson

This weeks guest is Rebecca Robertson IFA...
Rebecca Robertson, Author of Evolve Financial Planning – financial planning education for women, Tedx speaker, seven times award winning founder and Director of Evolution Financial Planning and regular media commentator on financial planning.

Rebecca is known as the financial planner who is passionate about putting women firmly in control of their finances. She has helped thousands of individuals and families to achieve financial freedom and given them peace of mind that their finances are properly protected in case the worst should happen.

Rebecca has been on the show before... so this visit we talk openly about women's investment and wealth planning...

You can connect with Rebecca via her website......

Antoinette Dale Henderson

This weeks guest is Antoinette Dale an award-winning speaker, global gravitas coach and author of Leading with Gravitas (2015)

As well as in-house programmes, her hugely popular one-day Gravitas Masterclasses and two-day Gravitas for Women courses are open to anyone serious about doing themselves justice and fulfilling their potential.

She is currently working on her next book, dedicated to women everywhere: Power Up: Everyone Woman’s Guide to Unleashing Her Potential will be available later this year.

You can connect with Antoinette via her website......

Sam Palmer

This weeks guest is Sam Palmer
How did Sam get from being a specialist Neonatal Intensive care registered nurse to businesswoman teaching and motivating women to move into an amazing lifestyle?
20 years specialising in motivating women, many who hated exercise at school, to discover ways that they can get fit and strong through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

You can connect with Sam via her website...

Stuart Lordan

This weeks guest is Stuart Lordan..
Husband, father of four including two boys and twin girls, living in Surrey, UK.

Worked in corporate life for over 20 years, but decided to ‘break free’ from the corporate chains in 2016 to start living a life more closely aligned with personal values, which included more time with the family.

Created a property development company which now has close to 50 student rooms, providing high quality accommodation to students in the South West and recently started a podcast, Executive Juice, to speaking with inspirational, entrepreneurial men and women to share their insight and great energy!

You can connect with Stuart via his website..

Tom Evans

This weeks guest is Tom Evans... He is an ex-BBC television engineer turned author, author’s mentor, philanthropist, creative catalyst and latterly meditation guide.

For those who are awakening or awakened, you will also recognise him as a modern day seer, scribe, channel, oracle and mystic.
You can connect with Tom via his website:

a Women's Panel

This weeks guest are a panel of women... showing you the how to's of telling your emotive story... How they couldn't keep the lid on who they really were any longer.... Aly Harrold, Lorraine Sinyard and Beverley Webb..
You can connect with Aly, Lorraine and Beverley via their own websites:…GsHYRMaJganaGVHI5oM

Destiny Krogsgaard

This weeks guest is Destiny Krogsgaard... Destiny’s Chiropractic practice has moved away from the lonely, sterile, Westernised therapeutic pain management version of chiropractic into a fabulous, high energy, fun and safe open plan environment where through human connection, music and, of course, fabulous chiropractic adjustments, healing is super amplified.
You can connect with Destiny via her website:

Josh Cheetham

This weeks guest is Josh Cheetham is a vastly experienced coach and trainer that specifically shows stressed-out business leaders how to get clarity around who they are so they can create direction,
fulfilment and success..
Bit of a difference this week... Jack.. My big person... stepped in for me..
You can connect with Josh Cheetham via his website:

Martin Robson

This weeks guest is Martin Robson... explorer, leading expedition expert and soon to become author...
Here is the link to his soon to be published book..
To connect with Martin.. go to his website..

return of The Atlantic Avengers

This weeks guests are the Atlantic Avengers.. They have devoured the Atlantic Ocean. in 88 days.. 4 World Records....and have come back to share their stories..
You can connect with The Atlantic Avengers via their website:

Stephen Gillen

This weeks guest is Stephen Gillen... A globally successful entrepreneur, Stephen Gillen is an award-winning international public speaker and film-maker. His documentaries have been viewed in over 140 countries worldwide.

He is a successful author, director and producer.
CEO of Shooting Stars Events and Academy.
You can connect with Stephen via his

Anna Garcia

This weeks guest is Anna Garcia.. A playful, vivacious and inspirational facilitator/ relationship specialist committed to guiding individuals through their journey of self-discovery back to love & peace post painful relationships & events.

She is the founder of Relationships Intensive, a programme that has changed the lives of 1000’s of women .

You can connect with Anna via her website:

Sara Davison

This weeks guest is Sara Davison... The Divorce Coach’ is the UK’s most sought after authority on break-up, separation and divorce. Revolutionising the way we view and navigate one of life’s most traumatic events.

You can connect with Sara via her website:

Dan Hulbert

This weeks guest is Dan Hulbert,
Dan is a property coach, mentor, investor and developer.

You can connect with Dan via his website:

Vicki Wusche

This weeks guest is Vicki Wusche: named as one of the Most Influential People in Property by the Telegraph, more importantly she has been retired from traditional work for over 12 years.

You can connect with Vicki via her website:

Jackie Murphy

This weeks guest is Jackie Murphy, an accredited Animal Behaviourist who, for the past 12 years, runs her extremely successful training and behaviour consultancy business in Kent - Specialist Dog Training.

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Marianne Page

This weeks guest is Marianne Page..Marianne has 27 years of senior management experience with McDonald’s under her belt, and a further ten working with successful small business owners, helping them to scale, grow and occasionally sell their business.

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Lauren Hampshire

This weeks guest is Lauren Hampshire... Founder of Milky Tee Company... Supporting women look and feel amazing with a beautiful breastfeeding T-Shirt..

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A panel of women

This weeks guest is a panel of women.. Chelsea Simpson, Claire Noyelle, and Natasha Sutton... talking courageously about Women's Mental Health... From different backgrounds but coming together along the pathway of healing..

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Claire Voyelle..

Sarah Lawrence

This weeks guest is Sarah Lawrence... Director of 2 amazing businesses.. ABC Networking being one of them... Bringing all senses to business...

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For the woman who wants to love her body, but can’t. For the woman who wants abundant energy, but feels constantly drained. For the woman who wants to nourish herself, but doesn’t know how.