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I have my weekly radio show every Wednesday from 13.00 - 14.00 on Channel Radio.

Please listen live or catch up on my shows below;

You will feel like a fly on the wall, listening in to amazing people speak about their thoughts, beliefs, loves and losts. They will share their highs and lows of life, the wisdom they received and the strategies and rituals they implement in their everyday.

Every week there will be extraordinary guests, from global experts in leadership, motivation, public speaking, CEO’s, business owners, life and business coaches. From health entrepreneurs to the most amazing mums.

Tom Evans

This weeks guest is Tom Evans... He is an ex-BBC television engineer turned author, author’s mentor, philanthropist, creative catalyst and latterly meditation guide.

For those who are awakening or awakened, you will also recognise him as a modern day seer, scribe, channel, oracle and mystic.
You can connect with Tom via his website:

a Women's Panel

This weeks guest are a panel of women... showing you the how to's of telling your emotive story... How they couldn't keep the lid on who they really were any longer.... Aly Harrold, Lorraine Sinyard and Beverley Webb..
You can connect with Aly, Lorraine and Beverley via their own websites:…GsHYRMaJganaGVHI5oM

Destiny Krogsgaard

This weeks guest is Destiny Krogsgaard... Destiny’s Chiropractic practice has moved away from the lonely, sterile, Westernised therapeutic pain management version of chiropractic into a fabulous, high energy, fun and safe open plan environment where through human connection, music and, of course, fabulous chiropractic adjustments, healing is super amplified.
You can connect with Destiny via her website:

Josh Cheetham

This weeks guest is Josh Cheetham is a vastly experienced coach and trainer that specifically shows stressed-out business leaders how to get clarity around who they are so they can create direction,
fulfilment and success..
Bit of a difference this week... Jack.. My big person... stepped in for me..
You can connect with Josh Cheetham via his website:

Martin Robson

This weeks guest is Martin Robson... explorer, leading expedition expert and soon to become author...
Here is the link to his soon to be published book..
To connect with Martin.. go to his website..

return of The Atlantic Avengers

This weeks guests are the Atlantic Avengers.. They have devoured the Atlantic Ocean. in 88 days.. 4 World Records....and have come back to share their stories..
You can connect with The Atlantic Avengers via their website:

Stephen Gillen

This weeks guest is Stephen Gillen... A globally successful entrepreneur, Stephen Gillen is an award-winning international public speaker and film-maker. His documentaries have been viewed in over 140 countries worldwide.

He is a successful author, director and producer.
CEO of Shooting Stars Events and Academy.
You can connect with Stephen via his

Anna Garcia

This weeks guest is Anna Garcia.. A playful, vivacious and inspirational facilitator/ relationship specialist committed to guiding individuals through their journey of self-discovery back to love & peace post painful relationships & events.

She is the founder of Relationships Intensive, a programme that has changed the lives of 1000’s of women .

You can connect with Anna via her website:

Sara Davison

This weeks guest is Sara Davison... The Divorce Coach’ is the UK’s most sought after authority on break-up, separation and divorce. Revolutionising the way we view and navigate one of life’s most traumatic events.

You can connect with Sara via her website:

Dan Hulbert

This weeks guest is Dan Hulbert,
Dan is a property coach, mentor, investor and developer.

You can connect with Dan via his website:

Vicki Wusche

This weeks guest is Vicki Wusche: named as one of the Most Influential People in Property by the Telegraph, more importantly she has been retired from traditional work for over 12 years.

You can connect with Vicki via her website:

Jackie Murphy

This weeks guest is Jackie Murphy, an accredited Animal Behaviourist who, for the past 12 years, runs her extremely successful training and behaviour consultancy business in Kent - Specialist Dog Training.

You can connect with Jackie via her website:

Marianne Page

This weeks guest is Marianne Page..Marianne has 27 years of senior management experience with McDonald’s under her belt, and a further ten working with successful small business owners, helping them to scale, grow and occasionally sell their business.

You can connect via Marianne via her website:

Lauren Hampshire

This weeks guest is Lauren Hampshire... Founder of Milky Tee Company... Supporting women look and feel amazing with a beautiful breastfeeding T-Shirt..

You can connect via Milky Tee Company's website...

A panel of women

This weeks guest is a panel of women.. Chelsea Simpson, Claire Noyelle, and Natasha Sutton... talking courageously about Women's Mental Health... From different backgrounds but coming together along the pathway of healing..

You can connect via Facebook.

Claire Voyelle..

Sarah Lawrence

This weeks guest is Sarah Lawrence... Director of 2 amazing businesses.. ABC Networking being one of them... Bringing all senses to business...

Connect with Sarah via her business


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