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You will feel like a fly on the wall, listening in to amazing people speak about their thoughts, beliefs, loves and losts. They will share their highs and lows of life, the wisdom they received and the strategies and rituals they implement in their everyday.

Every week there will be extraordinary guests, from global experts in leadership, motivation, public speaking, CEO’s, business owners, life and business coaches. From health entrepreneurs to the most amazing mums.

Catherine Overton

This weeks guest is.... Catherine Overton....

Catherine Overton, Director and founder of Booker Wyatt Accounting Limited, comes from a banking background and found running her own business an attractive alternative to earning a living having taken a career break in the mid-2000’s to raise a family.

Starting out as a self-employed bookkeeper in 2011, Catherine has gone on to form Booker Wyatt Accounting Limited, which now employs a part-time admin person and works closely with two associates on an ad hoc basis who cover management and tax accounting.

Although Booker Wyatt is based in Kings Hill, with the rise in use of cloud-based accounting software, Catherine has found that geography is not so much of a consideration now when it comes to taking on new clients and for those clients who are looking to engage an accountant. She works with both sole traders and limited companies in a wide variety of industries across Kent and London, providing them with a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services, based on the individual needs of the client.

Services range from keeping the accounts up to date on a weekly, monthly or annual accounts, self-assessment tax returns, payroll, CIS, VAT and year end accounts preparation.

Booker Wyatt also offers training sessions in Quickbooks and Xero, for business owners who want to take care of the bookkeeping themselves, or just want to get the most out of their accounting software.

Building the foundations of business..... Understand and take responsibility... of knowing and understanding your numbers.
What do YOU need to know... that you don't know you need to know..

You can connect with Catherine Overton via her website...

Helen Leale-Green

This weeks guest is Helen Leale-Green..

Helen has worked for ten years with students from developing countries and founded Our Moon Education with the help of one of her former Zambian students, now Our Moon’s Executive Officer in Zambia.

She is passionate about opening doors for high achieving, low income Zambians to shape them into becoming young socially-conscious leaders who can contribute to positive social change within their communities, country and continent.

Helen has worked for ten years with students from developing countries and founded Our Moon Education with the help of one of her former Zambian students, now Our Moon’s Executive Officer in Zambia.

You can connect with Helen Leale-Green via her website...

Stephen Gillen & Daphne Diluce

This weeks guest is .... Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce

Stephen Gillen is a globally successful entrepreneur, Stephen Gillen is an award-winning international public speaker and film-maker. He is a successful author, director, and producer. His documentaries have been viewed in over 140 countries worldwide. There has been wide global media coverage on his work and life journey. On the 29th May 2019, Stephen had the great privilege of being nominated by the UK Peace Ambassador for the ‘Sunhak’ International peace prize and works closely on many innovative, global & humanitarian initiatives. One of these is on the board of UniPharma, a global pharmaceutical company which is the exclusive producer/distributor of a new revolutionary medical device, whom Stephen is also Ambassador, that is set to alleviate the suffering of and save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide in the open wound industry.

Daphne, a highly and globally successful interior designer and branding expert, Daphne Diluce is multilingual and has built many successful businesses. She also has broad media experience having been Tom Jones’ PA for several years. She is a strong and endearing individual who will go the extra mile to achieve the highest standards throughout her accomplished career having worked internationally on projects in London, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Düsseldorf and California. Her outstanding work in design and creativity has been highlighted on TV, in newspapers, in trade magazines and voted to having one of the top ten shops in Düsseldorf.

Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce... share how you get nominated for a peace prize...

How your past does not dictate your future....!!!!

You can connect with Stephen Gillen and Daphne Diluce via their website...

Emma Rourke

This weeks guest is .... Emma Rourke

Emma is a confidence coach and founder of Hephzibah Horses. An IFEEL(International Foundation of Equine experiential Learning), accredited facilitator in Equine Assisted Human Development, partnering with her amazing horses to help people develop self-confidence, emotional resilience, and connect with horses, nature and themselves.

Emma has had a varied and interesting career, firstly as a BHS riding instructor and competition event rider, a model, and baby ballet teacher, she has come full circle back to her first love horses and people.

You can connect with Emma Rourke via her website...

Kris Healey

This weeks guest is .... Kris Healey is the CEO of a fabulous local charity Spadework. Spadework is a registered charity based in Offham, just outside West Malling, in Kent….
Spadework provides care, support and meaningful opportunities to adults with learning and other disabilities.
Kris has now been Spadework’s CEO for the last two years, working with his expert team of staff and volunteers to deliver exciting and stimulating opportunities to their Trainees, which include growing vegetables and plants, as well as making jams, chutneys, woodwork and craft items. Trainees also take part in gardening activities out in the community, in addition to making log and veg box deliveries. All of the items are sold on site.
You can connect with Kris Healey via
Spadeworks website...

Monica Janssens

This weeks guest is .....Monica Janssens an author, tutor and historian who has enjoyed a diverse career path including the law, banking, the theatre, art, journalism, public relations and writing.

In the course of her career, Monica has given a number of talks, demonstrations and television appearances on Granada TV and Discovery TV. Radio appearances include Today and MidWeek on BBC Radio 4.

Monica is currently working on her first book Sex. Status and Sanctuary: 69 Beds and What They Say About You, an irreverent look into the quirky ways we have exploited our beds from earliest times to the present day. Watch this space!

You can connect with Monica Janssens via her website...

Destiny Chiropractic

This weeks guest is Destiny Krogsgaard describes herself as a modern day sha-woman. She is a vitalistic chiropractor and owner of Destiny Chiropractic in West Malling, Kent. She's moved away from the lonely, sterile, Westernised therapeutic pain management version of chiropractic into a fabulous, high energy, fun and safe open plan environment where through human connection, music and, of course, fabulous chiropractic adjustments, healing is super amplified.

Because Destiny is revisiting.... The Conversation today.. introduce's new concepts of health…

Why medicine will not be the pathway to health..?

Challenging your thoughts… create emotions .. to take immediate actions…

My favourite phrase of the moment… Now Go DO…

You can connect with Destiny and Kathy via the clinic's website...

Katie Redfern

This weeks guest is Katie Redfern,,, founder of Meaningful Recruitment and is a career adviser, recruitment consultant and professional coach.

She works with organisations such as UNICEF and Raleigh International that are making a positive social impact in our world and teaches her one to one clients how to unleash their potential in their work life.

Katie's described by many as the 'go to person' when you need inspiring, energising and direction in your career. She's also a podcast queen of 'Meaningful Podcasts' (found on SoundCloud) and interviews incredible pioneers who are leading the way on the hot topics of today.

SO listen to Katie's story and share it far and wide with your contacts and clients who might be feeling stuck in a rut in their work and wanting to make a positive contribution in our world.

You can connect with Katie via her website.....

Becky Simms

This weeks guest is Becky Simms has spent the last 10+ years working in digital marketing, starting Reflect Digital in 2011, which 8 years later has resulted in an award-winning team of 24 based in Kent.

Reflect Digital......A digital agency using a human approach to deliver tangible business impact.

Becky has previously been awarded Young Entrepreneur of the year at the KEIBA’s and was runner up Digital Leader in the Wirehive Awards. With a keen eye on tangible impact,

Becky leads her team to continually challenge the norm – pushing boundaries and always going over and above to deliver to a high standard.

You can connect with Becky via her website.....

Rebecca Robertson

This weeks guest is Rebecca Robertson IFA...
Rebecca Robertson, Author of Evolve Financial Planning – financial planning education for women, Tedx speaker, seven times award winning founder and Director of Evolution Financial Planning and regular media commentator on financial planning.

Rebecca is known as the financial planner who is passionate about putting women firmly in control of their finances. She has helped thousands of individuals and families to achieve financial freedom and given them peace of mind that their finances are properly protected in case the worst should happen.

Rebecca has been on the show before... so this visit we talk openly about women's investment and wealth planning...

You can connect with Rebecca via her website......

Antoinette Dale Henderson

This weeks guest is Antoinette Dale an award-winning speaker, global gravitas coach and author of Leading with Gravitas (2015)

As well as in-house programmes, her hugely popular one-day Gravitas Masterclasses and two-day Gravitas for Women courses are open to anyone serious about doing themselves justice and fulfilling their potential.

She is currently working on her next book, dedicated to women everywhere: Power Up: Everyone Woman’s Guide to Unleashing Her Potential will be available later this year.

You can connect with Antoinette via her website......

Sam Palmer

This weeks guest is Sam Palmer
How did Sam get from being a specialist Neonatal Intensive care registered nurse to businesswoman teaching and motivating women to move into an amazing lifestyle?
20 years specialising in motivating women, many who hated exercise at school, to discover ways that they can get fit and strong through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

You can connect with Sam via her website...

Stuart Lordan

This weeks guest is Stuart Lordan..
Husband, father of four including two boys and twin girls, living in Surrey, UK.

Worked in corporate life for over 20 years, but decided to ‘break free’ from the corporate chains in 2016 to start living a life more closely aligned with personal values, which included more time with the family.

Created a property development company which now has close to 50 student rooms, providing high quality accommodation to students in the South West and recently started a podcast, Executive Juice, to speaking with inspirational, entrepreneurial men and women to share their insight and great energy!

You can connect with Stuart via his website..

Tom Evans

This weeks guest is Tom Evans... He is an ex-BBC television engineer turned author, author’s mentor, philanthropist, creative catalyst and latterly meditation guide.

For those who are awakening or awakened, you will also recognise him as a modern day seer, scribe, channel, oracle and mystic.
You can connect with Tom via his website:

a Women's Panel

This weeks guest are a panel of women... showing you the how to's of telling your emotive story... How they couldn't keep the lid on who they really were any longer.... Aly Harrold, Lorraine Sinyard and Beverley Webb..
You can connect with Aly, Lorraine and Beverley via their own websites:…GsHYRMaJganaGVHI5oM

Destiny Krogsgaard

This weeks guest is Destiny Krogsgaard... Destiny’s Chiropractic practice has moved away from the lonely, sterile, Westernised therapeutic pain management version of chiropractic into a fabulous, high energy, fun and safe open plan environment where through human connection, music and, of course, fabulous chiropractic adjustments, healing is super amplified.
You can connect with Destiny via her website:

Josh Cheetham

This weeks guest is Josh Cheetham is a vastly experienced coach and trainer that specifically shows stressed-out business leaders how to get clarity around who they are so they can create direction,
fulfilment and success..
Bit of a difference this week... Jack.. My big person... stepped in for me..
You can connect with Josh Cheetham via his website:

Martin Robson

This weeks guest is Martin Robson... explorer, leading expedition expert and soon to become author...
Here is the link to his soon to be published book..
To connect with Martin.. go to his website..

return of The Atlantic Avengers

This weeks guests are the Atlantic Avengers.. They have devoured the Atlantic Ocean. in 88 days.. 4 World Records....and have come back to share their stories..
You can connect with The Atlantic Avengers via their website:

Stephen Gillen

This weeks guest is Stephen Gillen... A globally successful entrepreneur, Stephen Gillen is an award-winning international public speaker and film-maker. His documentaries have been viewed in over 140 countries worldwide.

He is a successful author, director and producer.
CEO of Shooting Stars Events and Academy.
You can connect with Stephen via his

Anna Garcia

This weeks guest is Anna Garcia.. A playful, vivacious and inspirational facilitator/ relationship specialist committed to guiding individuals through their journey of self-discovery back to love & peace post painful relationships & events.

She is the founder of Relationships Intensive, a programme that has changed the lives of 1000’s of women .

You can connect with Anna via her website:

Sara Davison

This weeks guest is Sara Davison... The Divorce Coach’ is the UK’s most sought after authority on break-up, separation and divorce. Revolutionising the way we view and navigate one of life’s most traumatic events.

You can connect with Sara via her website:

Dan Hulbert

This weeks guest is Dan Hulbert,
Dan is a property coach, mentor, investor and developer.

You can connect with Dan via his website:

Vicki Wusche

This weeks guest is Vicki Wusche: named as one of the Most Influential People in Property by the Telegraph, more importantly she has been retired from traditional work for over 12 years.

You can connect with Vicki via her website:

Jackie Murphy

This weeks guest is Jackie Murphy, an accredited Animal Behaviourist who, for the past 12 years, runs her extremely successful training and behaviour consultancy business in Kent - Specialist Dog Training.

You can connect with Jackie via her website:

Marianne Page

This weeks guest is Marianne Page..Marianne has 27 years of senior management experience with McDonald’s under her belt, and a further ten working with successful small business owners, helping them to scale, grow and occasionally sell their business.

You can connect via Marianne via her website:

Lauren Hampshire

This weeks guest is Lauren Hampshire... Founder of Milky Tee Company... Supporting women look and feel amazing with a beautiful breastfeeding T-Shirt..

You can connect via Milky Tee Company's website...

A panel of women

This weeks guest is a panel of women.. Chelsea Simpson, Claire Noyelle, and Natasha Sutton... talking courageously about Women's Mental Health... From different backgrounds but coming together along the pathway of healing..

You can connect via Facebook.

Claire Voyelle..

Sarah Lawrence

This weeks guest is Sarah Lawrence... Director of 2 amazing businesses.. ABC Networking being one of them... Bringing all senses to business...

Connect with Sarah via her business


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