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9 & A Half weeks to the Body You Love

for the person who likes to work under their own steam (price excludes VAT which will be added during payment)
  • 9 & A Half weeks to the Body You Love
Daily support: consistent coaching on a daily basis is proven to build results in your life like you’ve never experienced before. Ever.

Daily actions: success comes down to the daily discipline of taking small steps in the right direction (vs giving in to distraction), so you will receive daily guidance and encouragement on keeping sight of your goals and taking right action toward them (and what that looks like)

Simplicity: this programme is about building small tweaks into your life that will make a massive difference, not adding more things to your to-do list. So each day you will receive an email or short video, no more than 5 minutes long, that will set you up beautifully for the day.

Inspiration: each daily contact is like a primer and as each day builds on the one before, it creates a foundation for you to be YOUR DAILY BEST.

You receive:
- Daily emails and videos to inspire your thoughts, fortify your commitment and motivate your action (PLUS, the videos will be delivered as audios too so you can fill up with positive thought and intention while you drive)
- Birdonabike Journal to record your progress on the journey
- A copy of my book “It’s Never About the Fitness” to give you extra insights and inspiration
- Lifelong access to the programme

(price excludes VAT, which will be added during payment)


Self Study


Learn how to have an abundance of energy everyday…

For the woman who wants to love her body, but can’t.
For the woman who wants abundant energy, but feels constantly drained.
For the woman who wants to nourish herself, but doesn’t know how.